Social Policy

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I am a @Wikipedia admin, automation developer whose projects have a combined edit count in excess of 270,000, a Global Renamer across all Wikimedia Foundation wikis, and email responder to some foundation email addresses.

All of my work with Wikipedia and the other wikis hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation ("global wikis") are on a volunteer basis. As an administrator on the English Wikipedia, I enact community consensus and uphold foundation and community policies. As an automation developer I develop bots and scripts which ease the burden of repetitive tasks better done by automated scripts on human editors. So far, my 3 bots have improved hundreds of thousands of articles and have generated a combined edit count in excess of 270,0001 on the English Wikipedia.

Outside of my volunteer work above, I am a Computer Science major. My opinions are my own and not necessarily representative of the editorial community on the English Wikipedia at large or that of the Wikimedia Foundation. Similarly, 'likes' on Twitter or other social media sites do not necessarily equal (≠) endorsement. Lastly, I am definitely owned by one or more cats.

1: Over 290,000 if including personal edits (manually) made on my own account. To validate (might take a while to load), in decreasing order: DeprecatedFixerBot edit count, TheSandBot edit count, TweetCiteBot edit count.
My account if including.